Only £20 per hour - session time 60 mins.

Training includes warm up, workout, and cooldown. (workout to music)

(Payment is required before session program!)

NOTE: Plans set out below are discounted for initial startup, subsequent programs will then be at full price £20 per session without free sessions.


4 week program (1 session per week) at private gym, with full access to equipment and facilities. 60 minute sessions!

Total cost £80 (£20 per session) 4 sessions in total with no fitness/nutrition plan.


8 Week program (1-2 session per week) at exclusive gym. Private sessions, client fitness testing/nutrition plan at start of program. 60 minute sessions.

Total cost £160 (£20 per session)  8 sessions in total



12 week program (2-3 sessions per week). Exclusive access to entire gym/facilities. Private client sessions available. Client screen testing start and end of program to track progress, with fitness/nutritional plan plus 1 FREE core attack session. 60 minute session 

Total cost £240 (£20 per session) 13 sessions in total



24 sessions either 2 to 4 per week. Package is as gold with 1 x FREE core attack, 1 FREE crossfit/circuit classes, 60 minute sessions! 

Total cost £480 (£20 per session) 26 sessions in total


Single and Group sessions

Single (Pay As You Gym) sessions are £25 booked 1 week in advance, this has NO nutrition plan.

Group sessions are £15 extra per person per session at PAYG sessions and bronze/silver/gold/platinum plans. (Example: x2 clients training together would be £35)

Additional Client Testing is available at cost of £25 which includes 7 tests and results report for client to keep. Testing is included within plans. (testing time 30 minutes)

All sessions are 1 hour in duration, sessions are very cost effective and tailored to need.

All payments for sessions must be paid for in ADVANCE!

note: Longer OR shorter sessions, home training sessions and outdoor boot camp style sessions are also available upon request, mostly depending on time and location.